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So, what are the major publications of the world saying about Eating Saigon! ???the australian logonytLogoUSA Today

Well actually, very little (at least, up until now.)  But, that’s okay with Hai and I, because  Eating Saigon!’s READERS seem to love us 🙂   

Here’s a sampling of what they’re saying:

Chao Lady

Phở Phú-Vương

Thanks SO much for this recommendation! My wife and I are in Vietnam for our honeymoon from the UK and in Saigon for a couple of days, we had a couple of disappointing meals from recommendations from our guidebook so when we found your blog we were pretty excited and this place lived up to our expectation. We’d never have gone if it wasn’t for your blog so we hope you keep it up! Thanks again
Jack & Harriet, U.K.
Dec 2014

trop b - google mapWith a sweet tooth and love of all things flavored coconut as well as a love for chewy xoi, I made it my mission to try Xoi Kem at Trop.B after reading your post.  And load and behold, we were rewarded with reality meeting expectations. I loved the Xoi Kem so much, I didn’t hesitate to order a 2nd bowl. YUM YUM YUM, indeed. We will return before leaving for the states. Thanks for the suggestion.
Ms. Pham, USA
June 2014

bun rieu

Chị Ba’s yummy Bún Riêu

Great site and very good blog…a worthy heir to the famed Noodlepie legacy.
DrifterSaigon Vietnam
June 2014
testimonialsThank you so much for writing this blog for the rest of us!!! I followed your advice on almost every meal I have eaten in Saigon, during my 4 day stay… awesome…. from the Pho, to Bahn Mi, Beeksteaks, Com Tam, Banh Xeo, Bun Thit Noung… Districts 1, 3, 5…. great stuff…. thank you and keep it up…. I am recommending you to all my friends who come to visit the wonderful city of Saigon…. thanks!
Steve, San Francisco
Mar 2014

Pho Thanh Canh 200 x 150Hey guys, just wanted to let you that your blog is amazing! I’ve visited 2 places this visit to HCMC and they were awesome!  I’ll definitely continue using this as my foodie guide to HCMC! Thanks!
Dec 2013

Bun bo hue dong Ba

Bún Bò Huế

Went here this morning for breakfast and loved it! The hubby’s family is from Hue and is very particular about his Hue dishes and even he thought it was really good! That’s after spending a few days in the city of Hue too!  We ordered two bowls of bun bo hue and one of the banh hue, both were delicious! Thanks so much for your blog, it’s been super helpful for us US-born Vietnamese folk coming to visit the country our roots stem from. We’re both from the Pacific Northwest, Portland to be exact, an up and coming food town where almost everyone is a “foodie”, so your blog was super helpful! 
Jennifer, Portland
Nov 2013

Chao Lady

The Saigon Cháo Lady

I went here today and it was AMAZING! Not only was the cháo made with some serious love, but the owner was very friendly. He wanted to know how we knew about this place and I told him it was from your blog. He seemed very pleased!
Oct 2013

one_of_many.jpgI’m so excited I just found your site! I’m planning for first trip ever to Vietnam for this spring from NYC and I’m a huge foodie! I love to eat at off the beaten path places, so I will be doing LOADS of research on your site and others. Thanks for sharing your insight!
Regan, New York City
Oct 2013

Joe - Doing what he does best

Joe – Doing what he does best

Joe, you have made our Saigon trip truly awesome! We went to almost all the food places you recommended and they never disappointed even once! Marvelous fooooood!!! Thank you for this blog! Keep up the awesome work.
Sept 2013

hủ tiếu nam vang

Hủ tiếu nam vang at Đạt Thành – YUM!

Thanks for the recommendation of this place – just had 2 bowls for a midnight snack. Great noodles and I would recommend them to all my friends. As this is my first time in HCM, I would like to thank you for the great work of your site and your reviews. Likewise your site will be my premier food reference for HCM.
Aug 2013

Hai grilling Vú Dê Nướng (bbq goat udder) at our tableWe have been using your guide since we arrived here three days ago, and found it utterly brilliant, as well as being amusing and insightful and just all around terrific.  We really admire and appreciate your eagerness and generosity to share the pleasure you find eating here on the streets of HCMC.  Cheerio!
James and Kim, New Zealand
Aug 2013

Hanoi's Ancient QuarterYour blog is amazing, thank you very much for all the tips and great places you are talking about – it inspires me a lot!  I just arrived in Saigon for 6 months and I am so glad to discover your blog.
Aug 2013

Bun Thit Nuong 200 x 200Thank you so much for this awesome resource! We’re new arrivals to HCM and this has been an invaluable resource for my wife and I in exploring the amazing food of this city.
July 2013


Bun bo hue dong Ba

“Bánh Huế, bánh ít, bánh nậm, bánh bèo, bánh lọc

Thank you so much for this. This one meal alone was worth coming to Vietnam for despite the 18 hour trip from Scotland. I would never have found this place on my own!
Midge, Scotland
June 2013

xoi xeo 600 x 450Just discovered your blog and I love it. Thank you for sharing all of the best places in Saigon. My best friend and I are returning to Saigon again in October and we both cannot wait to check out all of the hidden gem eateries.  I, myself have been back to Saigon many times but always eat around the backpacker area and on Nguyen Trai street so this time will venture out to other districts.  Cheers,
Jun 2013

Saigon Prices - How Much?Fantastic info and really appreciated it. Thanks for taking all the trouble to do it for us. Having an idea of costs, etc and where to eat from someone actually on the ground there is invaluable.  My wife and I both in our 60s from UK will be a week in Saigon on a stopover next year.  Once again, many thanks
Jun 2013


Fish Steak in a Spicy Caramelized Sauce

We have a wonderful and the most tasty meal at Hai’s restaurant on 22/05/2013. Everyone loves the caramelized fish steak, soft shell crab and pork ribs that Hai prepared for us. Many thanks to you and Hai.
Josephine, Malaysia
May 2013

Gỏi Đu Đủ

Gỏi Đu Đủ

Was referred to your site by Jodi E. and its been such an awesome resource. Just tried the papaya salad and it was delishhh. Posted up in hcmc for at least a few months, look forward to working my way through all your suggestions. Cheers.
May 2013

Chi Thong - google mapThank you so much for this awesome blog. I was so excited to visit Vietnam for the first time since I left with my family 20 years ago. I was especially looking forward to eating delicious food here. My first meal the night I landed was absolutely lackluster at a random cafe in the backpackers area. Fortunately, I found Eating Saigon! and my visit to Vietnam was saved!!
  The thit nuong at Chi Thong’s is AMAZING! I’ve also tried your other equally delicious recommendations including ca kho to (so good!), bitter melon soup, pho ga, banh mi, ga nuong lu, com tam & banh uot/cuon. I hope to hit a couple more places before my flight to Nha Trang tomorrow. Again, THANK YOU FOR THIS FANTASTIC FOODIE BLOG! Keep up the awesome job!
April 2013

MAP ICON 175 x 142Thank you so much for this blog. It’s fabulous!! I love Vietnamese street food and now we know exactly where to eat. Thx for the map
Jan 2013

Mì Vịt Tiềm (Duck Noodle Soup)

Mì Vịt Tiềm (Duck Noodle Soup)

I ate here today for lunch. They have the best duck noodles I’ve eaten! Thank you for the suggestion. I am a big fan of your blog…keep it up!
Jan 2013


Dong Hoa Xuan

Lunch at Dong Hoa Xuan

We ate here this morning, and loved the food!
  I loved the pork stomach and caramelized fish.
  One of the best places we have eaten at in Saigon and we would definitely eat here again!
Henry & Ann
Dec 2012

Saigon Street Food!

Saigon Street Food!

Love the blog… Arrived in HCMC the other and have sampled some fantastic food… Tried the che chuoi place tonight… the locals seemed a little surprised to see a white guy in the hood. They were very kind and provided us with some chairs.  It was good and something I’ve never seen back in the US/Canada. Thanks and happy holidays
Steve, Canada
Dec 2012

Sinh To StreetFirst of all, great site.  I’ll be on a bicycle trip in a couple of weeks across Vietnam and will use your site for checking out food in Saigon for sure. My girl and I can’t wait to experience new Vietnamese food. We live in Orange County so we have access to pretty good Vietnamese food, but that street food looks amazing.
Nov 2012

Mon Chay 600 x 450

Saigon Vegetarian Street Food

Hey guys, we tried this place tonight, having read your review.  As a vegetarian, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth to try to track down a real local food experience when travelling, but Mon Chay was really, really good. Thanks for the tip!
Steve & Laura
Nov 2012

Hue Restaurant - O XUAN - Saigon Street FoodThank you soooooooooooooo much for listing this place!! Most amazing noodles ever!!
Oct 2012


Amazing Cá Kho Tộ at Hai’s place

Just ate there yesterday. The food really was outstanding. I don’t know if it’s the best in Saigon, but the caramel fish was the best my wife has ever had, and she grew up here! Certainly much better than anything I’ve had in the US. The service was also excellent. We have recommended this place to family who live near Cho Ba Chieu, as they had never eaten there.
Oct 2012

Noi Tieng VietI LOVED this [How to Speak Vietnamese – for Tourists]!! My husband is Korean/Chamorro and has NO foreign language skills thus far. I have tried for the last 9 years of our relationship to expand his Vietnamese knowledge beyond just “pho” and “cam on”. Can’t wait for our trip in July! We hope to visit Hai’s restaurant too.
My Linh
Jun 2012

So we plan to keep  on writing and eating …  and we’d love to hear more from you about your Saigon street food adventures!

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  1. My wife and I have been following your suggestions for 3 days now and so far we’ve been having an amazing time eating in HCMC. Thank you so much for sharing your passion for good food.

    • You are so very welcome … It’s a thrill to know that Hai and I could help you truly enjoy HCMC and its amazing foods and food vendors. Please continue to ENJOY your eating adventures here!

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