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Now, I think … I hope … everyone knows that I truly love “my job” finding new Saigon street foods to share here with Eating Saigon!’s readers.

However, I’ve selfishly decided to spend our first week back in Saigon not scouring the city’s streets and allies for new, yet undiscovered food wonders. But instead, to simply return to and enjoy some of my Saigon street food favorites.

But, which ones? And which one first? These are the difficult challenges of a food blogger.

Clearly, Hai’s own restaurant, Đông Hoa Xuân, will be on top of the list. Not just because we both miss his family members. But, because of that cá kho tộ!

Hai serving his customers at Đong Hoa Xuân

Hai serving his customers at Đong Hoa Xuân

And then there’s the bún mọc, served in the family living room, at a home tucked away deep inside Bắc Hải’s narrow neighborhood allies. Is tomorrow morning too soon?

Bun Moc 600 x 450

Lots ‘o chả in the bún mọc here at Bún Mọc Bắc Hải

Or, is the bánh canh giò heo, served at the Red Plastic Stool, the most unique eating experience I should revisit first? But, can I get there tomorrow afternoon during the short 90 minutes they’re open each day?

Banh Canh Gio Heo

Preparing bánh canh giò heo at The Red Plastic Stool

And what about The Saigon Chaó Lady? An Eating Saigon! reader told me she had stopped making her famous chaó! I can’t believe that! I must get back there and talk some sense into her!

The Saigon Chaó Lady doing what she does best.

The Saigon Chaó Lady doing what she does best.

And the coffee! Another thousand choices :-/ . But, I think the Sorrento Cafe will see me very very soon.

Sorrento Cafe

Cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee with milk) at the Sorrento Cafe’

Then there’s the #1 bánh mì sandwich in Saigon, Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa. That’s an absolute must within the next 48 hours.

Hai munching down on a Saigon bánh mì

Hai munching down on a Saigon bánh mì

And, my all time favorite phở at Phở Phú Vương. No question, that North/South Vietnam blended phở must be savored this week.

Phở in Saigon

My new favorite phở at Phở Phú-Vương

OH, what am I thinking? Hai will be driving the motorbike. That means we’ll be eating first at his favorite – Mì Vịt Tiềm in District 4 (that’s actually quite okay with me!)

Saigon Street Food at its Best - Mì Vịt Tiềm

Saigon Street Food at its Best – Mì Vịt Tiềm

Ôi trời ơi! Seems my first week back just might be spoken for.



My honorable readers, I ask for your indulgence – please indulge me (as I indulge myself) and standby for just another week before Hai and I start exploring some new Saigon eating adventures … Coming Soon! :-Đ


 January 16, 2016

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  1. Been there almost two years and there’s still soooooo many street food I haven’t tried, I keep on discovering new ones, but I’m really bad at remembering the names … so thanks for the reminders !

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