Oct 242012
Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower’s Sky Deck


I’ve actually had very little interest in visiting this Saigon “tourist spot”.

But, it’s been impossible for me NOT to view this strange and arguably beautiful building almost everyday from various perspectives as I’ve searched for Saigon’s most interesting eating adventures.

Finally, last week I could no longer resist the temptation to take a look.  The sun was bright.  The sky was full of nimbo-cumulus clouds (the big buffy ones.)  And Hai and I had an afternoon free.

Bitexco Financial Tower

A dramatic sky day from Saigon’s Sky Deck

“Let’s go take a look at the Bitexco Tower,” I suggested. “Okay – let’s go!”

200,000 vnd ($10 USD) – EACH!

Oi troi oi – a bit pricy! “This better be good.”

We got our glossy designer entry tickets and were herded into the elevator with a group of other tourists.  Up to the Saigon Sky Deck – the observation floor of Vietnam’s tallest 68-story skyscraper (262 meters).

In fact, not bad!

Bitexco Financial Tower

Cool, spacious, attractive & informative – Saigon Sky Deck

Cool, modern, tasteful, spacious inside.

Gorgeous 360 degree views of the cityscape – including the meandering Saigon river. Very impressive.

The flat-screen displays truly added a lot to the experience, letting us know exactly what we were looking at – markets, government buildings, rivers, museums, hotels, etc.

Even after living in Saigon for nearly four years, looking down on the city from the Tower’s 49th floor Sky Deck added a whole new perspective. A far more beautiful and dramatic city than it ever appeared before viewed from red plastic stools in small Saigon alleys.

Bitexco Financial Tower

Looking out across Saigon from the Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower’s view of the meandering Saigon River

Bitexco Financial Tower

Incoming wall of water!

Then it happened!

On the horizon, an inky black sky.  Beneath the black sky, dropping down to the city streets, a grey curtain of water began to rapidly advance in our direction … swiftly consuming the streets and buildings block by block.  Stunningly dramatic and beautiful!

Then, a giant rumble of thunder and the wall of water crashed into the Financial Tower.  Our fabulous views shut off instantly behind the cascading water windows.

Bitexco Financial Tower

View from the Sky Deck – in the rain!

Time to go.

We did decide to wait …  wait … wait until the rain stopped.  We ran up one short flight of stairs to take a peek at the coffee shop and restaurant on the floor above.

The small coffee shop area- also with access to a window viewing  -seemed quite confined, crowded and generally unappealing.  The more upscale restaurant on the same floor seemed pleasant enough with tables along the large windows.  Since the floor does not rotate, however, both eating areas preclude a full 360 sight-seeing adventure as provided on the Sky Deck.  And not sure about the food here. Seemed far too pricey to interest us.  Anyone eat here yet???

The rain stopped, we headed down, got on our motorbike, and ended out brief Saigon tourist adventure.

We give the Bitexco Financial Tower a YUM on Eating Saigon!’s tourist adventure Yum Meter.  On a hot Saigon day, the highly air-conditioned sweeping views can provide a pleasant tourist break.

Only you can decide if the $10 per person ticket price is worth it.

NOTE:  We haven’t yet taken in the night views from the Sky Deck.  But rumor has it, that an evening visit to the Bitexco Financial Tower is also a worthwhile stop to view Saigon’s dramatic city lights.  If you venture here in the evening, why not walk directly across the street and enjoy some great Saigon street food at Phở Hà.

Bitexco Financial Tower,District 1Bitexco Financial Tower
36 Hồ Tùng Mậu, Bến Nghé
District 1

View Phở Hà & Bitexco Financial Tower in a larger map

 October 24, 2012


  1. The Shri bar open after 5pm is pretty awesome for a cocktail or 30 000 D draught beer between 5-7pm. It’s flashy and the views are free, as punters don’t have to pay the $10 observation deck fee.

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