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Bit Tet in Saigon

Time for breakfast Hai

It’s 6:30 am, time for a quick breakfast before starting the work day, or the day’s tour. You’ve had phở six mornings in a row for breakfast, cơm (rice) six evenings in a row for dinner. What to do?

How about a big  juicy beef steak!

That’s our situation a few times each month. As much as Hai and I love Vietnamese food, once in awhile steak, eggs, potatoes, and a small salad call out to us.

How can we resists?

Bit Tet at Nam Son

Bít Tết at Nam Sơn

A popular “western” dish in Hanoi and here in Saigon, bít tết can be found all around town. But the one place that draws in the crowds, locals and người nước ngoài (foreigners), is Nam Sơn.

I don’t go that often so I feel it’s necessary to order “the works” whenever I do go. Beefsteak, pate’, an egg, french fries, salad and bánh mí (a french roll). Life is good 🙂 and filling!

But, several cautions are in order. First, the black iron skillet that is delivered to your table with your beefsteak is red-searing hot – seriously – don’t touch.

Beefsteak, Pate’, Egg, Fries, Feench Roll – Life is Good!

And being a sizzling iron skillet, it in fact sizzles, i.e. splattering hot grease in all directions, including towards your face, your clothes and surrounding floor. You can easily skate into or out of Nam Sơn’s on the slick grease-covered floor. Finally, the catsup with your french fries isn’t. It’s chili sauce.

Bit Tet at Nam Son

Complimenting your beefsteak

So, proceed with caution on all fronts. And enjoy a great western meal before getting back to some more serious Vietnamese food adventures.

Bit Tet in Saigon

Quiet midday with crowds mornings and evenings

Bò Bít Tết Nam Sơn is a YUM YUM on the Eating Saigon! Yum Meter Open 6 am – 10 pm everyday.

Bit Tet in Saigon

Bò Bít Tết at Nam Sơn

Bò Bít Tết Nam Sơn

200 biz Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai

District 3


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 March 27, 2012

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  1. I’ve walked past many times not really taking much notice. I ventured down the laneway after reading your post the other week and enjoyed lunch there with the family. I only found your site recently and I’m keen to keep reading and try out more of the places you’ve written about.

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