Saigon Eating Adventures – Unique & Special Dishes

goat udder

Hai preparing vú dê nướng (bbq goat udder) at our table


BBQ’d goat udder!


A texture and flavor ‘bomb’! Major unique! Major Delicious! You won’t find any other tourists here.






bay duc

What is this? Do I kick it? NO, you eat it – you’ll love it


Saigon’s best BBQ’d chicken


It feels like the Mekong Delta? BUT, you can enjoy this excellent food “in town” (a bit away from the center) beside the backwaters of the Saigon River.





Bánh Căn in Saigon

Of course, the best half is eating these very yummy food items – Bánh căn!


Bánh căn in Saigon


Watching the young women cook these Nha Trang specialties is half the fun at this District 10 Saigon restaurant







lady boy

Serving up good seafood hotpot at a local neighborhood eatery


An evening with Saigon’s transgender folk


A unique, fun and yummy cultural and culinary adventure alongside one of Saigon’s “canals”.  







Enjoy their simple, but delicious Hoi An street food – bánh đập.


Bánh đập in the Bạc Hải neighborhood


Three young girls serving up great Hoi An food treats in their Ho Chi Minh City living room.







goat udder

Don’t miss the nem chua nướng!


Where to eat Huế food in Saigon


If you can’t afford the time to fly to Vietnam’s imperial city of Huế, then this is a must stop to enjoy some excellent central Vietnam cuisine






small Saigon restaurant

Stuffed peppers & stuffed tofu


A small Saigon restaurant in this tiny alley


Excellent food in District 11, the “Chinese” area of Saigon






banh trang tron

Bánh tráng trộn – the definitive Saigon street food


Bánh tráng trộn in the alley


Finding this little ole lady is a true Saigon street food eating adventure! But, winding your way through Ho Chi Minh City’s small alleys is part of the fun






Vietnamese pizza

YUMMY, but nothing they’d recognize in Naples, Italy!


Vietnamese PIZZA!


A unique, one-of-a-kind Saigon street food eating adventure here.  Tucked away in a narrow Ho Chi Minh City street alley, you can enjoy Vietnamese pizza on a stool





… or discover over 150 of our “secret” Saigon street food locations using our now-famous Eating Saigon! Street Food Maps.

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