Saigon Cafes & Coffee Shops


Vietnam is Asia’s cafe society! There are literally a million cafes in Saigon! But, do yourself a favor and escape Saigon’s tourist center coffee shops. Hai and I share here some of our favorite neighborhood cafes where you can enjoy your brew with the local folk.

Saigon cafe

Cakes and Ale Cafe … a gentle, yummy place to think, write and enjoy


Cakes and Ale Cafe


Among the most relaxing Saigon Cafes … and the best desserts! (…details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

Cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee with milk) at the Sorrento Cafe’


Sorrento Cafe here in Saigon – not Italy!


Good Vietnamese coffee in a pleasant, relaxing setting, away from Saigon’s tourist center. (…details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

Come enjoy the Bac Hai neighbohood


Bac Hai’s Cafe District


Escape Saigon’s city center and enjoy one of the scores of local coffee shops with local students on the tree-lined streets here. (… details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

A lovely quiet shaded patio at Juliet’s Garden


Juliet’s Garden Coffee


After a trip to Chợ Bà Chiểu (or to Hai’s restaurant), the perfect place to enjoy some good Vietnamese coffee in a relaxing setting. (…details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

OMG! There’s one on your shoulder!! 🙂


YIKES  – Spiders!… at Cafe Nhện


A fun, tiny creepy-crawly coffee shop with authentic local music and good drinks in the Bình Thạnh District. (… details + address & map)





Saigon cafe

Relaxing in the tropical forest


Cafe Thuỷ Trúc


A large fish pond, water features, wifi … and enjoy your Vietnamese coffee in a bamboo forest! (… details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

There are Saigon cafes .. and then there are Saigon cafes!


Du Miên Garden Cafe


Tree houses, twinkle lights and fountains in the Gò Vấp District … a fabulous Saigon cafe! (… details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

The best “western” coffee in Vietnam


The best cappuccino in Vietnam


You MUST try and enjoy Vietnamese coffee. But, when you want a western cappuccino, this is THE place to have it. (… details + address & map)











Saigon cafe

Saigon cafe with a “Berkeley” touch


I’m Your’s Cafe’


A unique live music scene here in Saigon.  Enjoy a coffee while young locals show their talent. (… details + address & map)






Saigon cafe

The Coffee House’s double-shot cappucino




The owner knows his beans – just ask!  And the customers know their piano music! (… details + address & map)







Saigon cafe

Cà phê sữa đá (iced coffee with milk), sinh tố (fruit shake), and a cool river breeze at Cafe A&B


Afternoon Delight in District 2


Sit along side the Saigon River and enjoy a cà phê sữa đá (iced-coffee with sweetened milk). (… details + address & map)







Saigon cafe

I always AVOID their coffee shops

Highlands Coffee


Do yourself a favor – DON’T GO HERE. (… details)




Saigon cafe

Vietnam’s first Starbucks here in Saigon



… and of course, Starbucks


Starbucks’ maiden voyage into Vietnam. (… details + address & map)












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