About Eating Saigon!


Where to Eat in Saigon? – That’s got to be the #1 question facing visitors to Ho Chi Minh City!

Where’s The Best Place to Eat in Saigon – Tonight / Today? That’s got to be the #1 question facing folk living and working in Saigon.

Saigon Street Food ! Yes – Yes … But where ?

Well, you’re not alone! Hai and I have all these same questions. BUT, the good news is we’ve spent much of our time seeking answers to these questions. And as of March 2012, we’ve launched EatingSaigon.com ! We hope you’ll love it!

Now, a little background …

For me, seeking and enjoying great Saigon street food for nearly 6  years in Saigon, since moving here in 2008 (after enjoying two years before eating in Hanoi.) And Hai has spent most of his 35 years here in Saigon actually  finding answers to these Where to Eat in Saigon? questions.

Together, we think we have found some real eating gems – hidden restaurants down small alleys, amazing street food on busy streets and in quiet pathways, and excellent authentic Vietnamese food in some fascinating neighborhoods. Bottom line – we love Saigon eating adventures! And we love sharing our treasure finds with others!

But, we must confide, our eating adventures are a bit off the beaten path.  We avoid the tourist “herding” efforts featured in many guidebooks and websites. (We know these places – but we don’t like them).  We think if you want western music or Disney-esque Vietnam decor or compromised Vietnamese food from  “westernized” recipes, you can enjoy all that back home without spending thousands of dollars or Euros to get to Vietnam. If you’ve come this far to find yourself in Saigon, with just a tad more effort and exploration you can enjoy some real Vietnamese eating adventures.  And that’s what Eating Saigon! is all about.

Hai and I invite true eating adventure enthusiasts to join us on our eating adventures and enjoy the best food Saigon has to offer!  Welcome to Eating Saigon!

Eating Saigon!

Perhaps it’s best to start at  our Home Page,  directing you to some of our favorite eating experiences at Saigon’s hidden restaurants and street foods.

Or search Eating Saigon! ‘s Navigation Bar menus by Food Type or District (neighborhood)  to discover some of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, Street Food, Vietnam dishes, and Saigon cafes.  

Oh, yes, and finally, maybe you’ll also want to know a little more about Who are Joe & Hai?  

Chúc Ăn Ngon (ENJOY ) !


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  1. Hi Joe and Hai,

    I came across your blog through google and absolutely love your posts. I have been to Ho Chi Minh City many times, and will be going again soon (note that I noticed new posts yay!). I would like to introduce myself a little further, so perhaps i can email you and we can chat further? Would love to share my short list with you guys too.

    I hope we can chat soon and looking forward to receive an email from you.


  2. First of all, great site.

    I’ll be on a bicycle trip in a couple of weeks across Vietnam and will use your site for checking out food in Saigon for sure. My girl and I can’t wait to experience new Vietnamese food. We live in Orange County so we have access to pretty good Vietnamese food, but that street food looks amazing.

    Sense you have Saigon covered so well, do you know of any similar blogs for Hanoi? I can’t seem to find any. Thanks.

    • So glad you like Eating Saigon!

      In the future, I plan to do Eating Hanoi! But, in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite places I enjoyed when I lived in Hanoi for 2 years. If you find any new ones yourself that are great – let me know.

      Cafe overlooking Ho Hoan Kiem – One of the nicest views of Lake Hoan Kiem is from a cafe with a hidden entrance on Hang Gai Street. It might be #11 Hang Gai – but not certain of the #, but its on the south side of Hang Gai, between Hang Dao and Luong Van Can (much closer to Hang Dao end). The entrance is at the back of a small souvenir shop. You walk thru the shop and you will see a tiny “cafe” sign. You walk all the way thru a narrow hall and it opens to an “ancient” area – very small and lovely – then go up the staircase and the circular staircase to the2 top floors with fab views of the lake.

      Xoi Xeo – a popular lunchtime dish – the place name I believe is “Xeo Xen” – best with chicken (order with no skin) and pate. (I cancel the crispy onions on top- but maybe you’d like that). Located on the corner of Nguyen Huu Huan and Hang Bac (I think ??)

      Bun Moc – my #1 favorite breakfast in Hanoi.Small Bun Moc shop on the west side of Ta Hien Street, 4 or 5 doors north of the intersection with Luong Ngoc Quyen.

      BBQ Chicken Street – The BEST bbq chicken in Hanoi – maybe the world! (also try bbq ban mi and bbq sweet potatoes). Everything is delicious there! On Ly Van Phuc just off Nguyen Thai Hoc. Go al the way to the end of Ly Van Phuc street (past dozens of less wonderful copy-cats). Funky street food – but wonderful experience and delicious!

      Lake by my old apt –Ho Thien Quang – walk south on Ba Trieu 15-20 minutes, right on Tran Quoc Toan (my old apartment is right there). Then wander around (a nice bakery and wine shop are on streets around here) to one of my favorite Lakes – Ho Thien Quang. Across Tran Nhan Tong is Lenin Park.

      Cafe Street – A street with a dozen cafes is Trieu Viet Vuong between Tran Nhan Tong and the Vincom/Megastar Cinema Complex. (Good to get away from tourist central at Ho Hoan Kiem.)

      Enjoy your travels, Joe

  3. Nice to meet you. Do you remember me?I was interview you at Danang airport. Thank you for helping me complete interview. Thank you so much!!!!!! 😀

  4. Hi,
    I’ve been to Saigon many times but not been exploring the city. I’m going next month on 28 Aug for a 5-day trip and will look up for the food recommended. This site is really great!
    Btw, when i saw your eatingsaigon.com, it remind me of a similar food blog http://ieatishootipost.sg/
    I’ll definitely recommend to my friends for visiting Saigon 🙂
    – Singaporean

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