Eat With a Local Saigon Family !

The food overall was superb … a memorable experience talking with our hosts and their children with lots of laughter and fun. We would definitely repeat it again!
Van, Taiwan & Jaime, France – May 2015

Eating Saigon! Guests Enjoying Meals with Our Local Saigon Families

Hai and I have shared our favorite Saigon eating adventures with you for many years here at Eating Saigon! We now want to invite you to enjoy an even more authentic cultural experience, when you  – Eat With a Local Saigon Family.

Why not have the experience of a lifetime when you visit Vietnam! Enjoy an authentic and delicious Vietnamese meal prepared in a local Saigon home by a local family – one that meets the high standard that Eating Saigon!’s readers have come to trust over the years!

Eat with a Local Saigon Family - Hoa

We’ve invited some of our own family members and personal friends to open their kitchens and homes to you. There, they will prepare an authentic Vietnamese meal and be your hosts, sharing their local stories, lives and customs.  But mostly, everyone will enjoy some great Vietnamese food together and have fun doing it!

Hai and I hope you will agree that this is an incredible opportunity to enjoy a truly unique and authentic Saigon eating experience … and a wonderful memory of your time in Vietnam!   Eating Saigon! will provide the logistical support.  If a student translator is needed (not common), he/she will be provided with no additional cost to you.


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Eat with Local Saigon

Hai and Co Nhat Minh


Cô Nhật Minh ~

Not only is Cô Nhật Minh an excellent cook, but she is also a popular cooking teacher in Saigon! … and her children might help :-)  (Read more & book …)





Eating with a Local Saigon Family


1. Click on and read more about each of our host families, above. Once you’ve selected one, simply complete and submit the Booking & Payment Form.

2. We’ll coordinate with your host family and get back to you shortly to confirm details.  We’ll send you the exact address and contact information, and helpful advice on transportation to/from your host’s home. THAT’S IT!

3. After you’ve enjoyed a wonderful meal together, we’d love to hear how you enjoyed your eating-with-a-local-Saigon-family experience!  We’ll follow-up with you to solicit your comments, and share them with others here if you agree.


DEPOSIT: A “Two (2)-Guest” deposit will secure your booking.
PAYMENT: For more than 2 guests, your deposit payment does not cover the full cost of your booking. We will send you a follow-up email requesting final payment of your balance due. The balance due must be received at least 7 days prior to your meal to allow our hosts to shop, make arrangements for and prepare a wonderful meal.
CANCELLATION: If for any reason (highly unusual), one of our hosts must cancel, of course, you will receive a full refund. If you must cancel with at least a 7-days’ notice, again, you will receive a full refund. Any cancellation by you with less than a 7-days’ notice, would lead to a forfeiture of payment.


  3 Responses to “Eat With a Local Saigon Family”

  1. Hi just wondering if my daughter and I can have a meal with one of your family this Saturday evening 15 th October. We are Australians in Saigon for 1 night. She is a lawyer and I am a teacher. We love Vietnamese people and your wonderful food! Happy to be with any of the above !

    • hello Vicki,

      We just received your message and, yes, we can arrange a dinner for you and your daughter for this Saturday evening.

      We will talk with Co Nhat Minh and give you an exact time … likely about 6:00 pm.

      Please go to as soon as possible to make your $48 payment to account:

      Once we receive your dinner payment, we will send you contact information, address, and driving directions to Co Nhat Minh’s home.

      Thank you so much for your interest in Eat With a Local Saigon Family. I am certain it will be a memorable experience for you and your daughter.

      Best regards, Joe & Hai

  2. Looking forward to trying this experience 😉

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