Apr 102014

So, what are the major publications of the world saying about Eating Saigon! ??? Find out here:

 April 10, 2014
Jan 112014
Back to Vietnam

Just one more week and Hai and I will travel back to Vietnam.  Saigon to be exact. Before we head back to Vietnam however, we feel obliged to let you know exactly what we’ve been up to recently. First, you might recall our blog post of a few months back about Hai and my amazing visit to [Read on …]

 January 11, 2014
Jul 242013
Guest Foodie of the Month Contest

Eating Saigon! launches our first “Guest Foodie of the Month” Contest Do you know a great street food vendor in Saigon? Do you have a favorite neighborhood restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City? Do you know a place hidden in a small Saigon alley where only the locals eat now? If you do, share it [Read on …]

 July 24, 2013
Jul 202013
USA East Coast

I guess few readers will be surprised to hear that FOOD played a central role in Hai and my visit to the USA East Coast this past 2 weeks. NEW JERSEY Most importantly, though, Hai got to see my home town, got to know my 2 sisters, Leonore and Teri, and enjoy some of New [Read on …]

 July 20, 2013
Apr 012013
Return to Saigon ... from the U.S.A.

Joe & Hai visit the USA Hai and I are back in Saigon.  Our 6-week visit to America – Hai’s first – was amazing! Before we start sharing our latest Eating Saigon! food adventures, we thought we’d share some of our favorite moments traveling, and of course, eating our way, across California and Nevada, USA. [Read on …]

 April 1, 2013
Aug 282012
4,100 Saigon street food meals "At Risk"

4,100 Saigon street food meals “At Risk” I’ll try to keep this diversion from talking about Saigon street food brief.  I want to get back to actually eating Saigon street food and reporting back to you about those eating adventures. But with 4,100 of my future Saigon street food meals potentially threatened, I could not [Read on …]

 August 28, 2012
Jul 232012
Opinions divided in Vietnam on lowering of women's marriage age

    Opinions divided in Vietnam on lowering of women’s marriage age  Last Updated: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Vietnamese experts are divided over the Ministry of Justice’s proposal to change the legal marriageable age for women, with critics saying the ministry has yet to study the issue carefully. A report on VnExpress Tuesday said the ministry [Read on …]

 July 23, 2012
Apr 122012
Recovering with an Octopus

I must admit – this week I had appendage envy. I was particularly jealous of the Pacific Giant Octopus that my fisherman neighbor, Alan, brought into my house in northern California. Her with 8 arms (and 8 octo-shoulders) and me reduced to just one functional arm! A particularly in-your-face example of life’s inequities. Although, I [Read on …]

 April 12, 2012