District 4

Aug 042013
The Saigon Soymilk Lady

Hai doesn’t currently make sữa đậu nành (soymilk drink) in his restaurant.  But at home, he does prepare the best sữa đậu nành in Saigon. Well, at least he DID! Now I hope Hai doesn’t read this post, but the truth be told, there’s a little old lady sitting on a plastic stool in a small alley [Read on ...]

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Mar 122012
City Buses (Xe Buýt) - Your Ticket to Saigon Tourism Adventure

The city buses in Saigon are secret treasures for visitors who want to get to know and feel (and maybe smell) Vietnam. Take a Bus to Your Next Saigon Eating Adventure That’s where the old people are. That’s where the students are. Look for these Bus-Stop Signs That’s where you can travel above (and a [Read on ...]

Feb 242012
Saigon Street Food at its Best

It’s true!  I think Mì Vịt Tiềm serves Saigon Street Food at its best. Tonight, the weather in Saigon was beautiful.  After a heavy rainstorm this morning, the air was clear and clean.  A few stars were bright, even in the city’s lights.  And a  steady, balmy breeze made it clear that we had to [Read on ...]