District 3

Feb 072018
Hàn Phố - Mì Quảng at its Best

Hàn Phố 14/40d Kỳ Đồng Street P.9, Q.3 08.22470550 0913106700 ******************************** SETTING: It’s a new year (2018 Western calendar). It’s Hai’s birthday (he won’t let me give you his exact age, but he’s not in his 30’s anymore). It’s just 24 hours into our return to Saigon after many months away.  And now, it’s time [Read on …]

 February 7, 2018
Apr 082017
Phú Gia - Hanoi-Style Phở

Phú Gia 146E Ly Chinh Thang P.7, District 3 ********************************** Here in Saigon (and all of Vietnam), locals and visitors alike spend endless days and countless meals searching for that perfect and amazing bowl of phở. As Eating Saigon! readers know, Hai and I have done the same …  consuming liters of beef broth, chewing [Read on …]

 April 8, 2017
Apr 032017
Saigon Street Food Mini Tour

One of this week’s highlights for Hai and I was taking a group of new friends on a mini street food tour here in Saigon. We did have some concerns about the tolerance levels of the relative newcomers to the Saigon street food scene. Was “dining” in a small dark alley ok? Just how much [Read on …]

 April 3, 2017
Mar 192017
The Amazing Food of Huế - in Saigon

Kim Long 80/68 Trần Quang Diệu P. 14, District 3 028 3843 6498 ************************************** Last night, after many years exploring and enjoying literally hundreds of amazing culinary treasures on Saigon’s streets and in its small neighborhood eateries, I just might have stumbled upon a new #1 favorite (or at least a strong contender for that spot). [Read on …]

 March 19, 2017
Feb 282016
Among the Best Saigon Cafes

Cakes and Ale Cafe 6B Cong Truong Quoc Te (Ho Con Rua – Turtle Lake) District 3 (08) 35210367 0906.840.500 ******************************* Eating Saigon! readers may not be aware that about 95% of Eating Saigon! posts are written in Saigon cafes (not a big surprise, I’m sure). So, Yours truly has become, if not an expert on [Read on …]

 February 28, 2016
May 022015
Being a Saigon Bánh Mì?

“What makes a bánh mì a bánh mì?” Clearly this is one of the great questions of our time. Well, at least for those of us who eat, love, and write about street food in Saigon, and perhaps even for those who enjoy Vietnamese food anywhere around the world. Bánh mì in Vietnam, in its most [Read on …]

 May 2, 2015
Oct 302014
Bún Măng Vịt

Bún Vịt Hẻm 281/26 Lê Văn Sỹ Tân Bình District ***** Even after many, many years living and eating here in Saigon, once in a while, Hai and I uncover an eatery that stops us in our tracks with an OMGM (Oh my god moment)!  We consider our meal, then look at each other – Can you [Read on …]

 October 30, 2014
Jun 082013
Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu - update

Just about a year ago now, Hai and I enjoyed a very nice meal at  Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu.  Take a peek at our Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu blog at that time.  Yummy bánh khọt and great bánh xeo! We’ve been back several times since then and always enjoyed a good [Read on …]

 June 8, 2013