District 3

Jun 082013
Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu - update

Just about a year ago now, Hai and I enjoyed a very nice meal at  Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu.  Take a peek at our Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu blog at that time.  Yummy bánh khọt and great bánh xeo! We’ve been back several times since then and always enjoyed a good [Read on ...]

May 092013
Bò Kho in Saigon

This week was bò kho week here at Eating Saigon!     Yes, it was also the 38th anniversary of the Communist Party victory over South Vietnam.  Yes, it was time for May Day celebrations around the globe.  Yes, it was the week I was to learn much about visiting a local hospital here in [Read on ...]

Apr 112013
Bánh Căn at Quán Đạt

Last night I dined in Saigon with President George W. Bush. Well, more precisely, I dined in a District 3 restaurant, beneath a photo of President Bush. And it’s difficult to tell from the photo whether he was actually President Bush at the time the photo was taken, or perhaps Texas Governor Bush, or even [Read on ...]

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Mar 182013
The Best Bột Chiên ~ A Tastey Late Night Snack at Dat Thanh

Hai and I just returned from our Christmas/ New Years (western) 3-week vacation in Europe.  The food in Italy was outstanding and we absolutely loved some of the classic Italian dishes that are totally unavailable in Vietnam (and even difficult to find back in California). A dish of squid and green peas in a spicey [Read on ...]

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Mar 152013
Vũng Tàu's Famous & Tasty Bánh Khọt - Here in Saigon

Saigon’s closest seaside resort town, Vũng Tàu, is just a 1 1/2 hour hydrofoil ferry ride from District 1. Ferries depart from the Saigon River dock at the end of Nguyen Hue Street in District 1 at least a half-dozen times each day. The small coastal city is a popular weekend getaway for many of [Read on ...]

Mar 092013
Japanese Adventure at Kuru Kuru Sushi

Desperately Seeking Sushi Of course, it goes without saying (that’s why I’m saying it), that the best food in Saigon is Vietnamese food.  So, if you’re a tourists or just a short-term visitor, my strong advice is to eat only Vietnamese food.  And better yet, make most of that Saigon street food. However, for those [Read on ...]