District 11

Mar 142013
How About a Face Massage !

So what do you do in Saigon when your belly is full?  Perhaps you just finished some great street food and you’re NOT looking for the best place to eat in Saigon. Maybe you’ve already taken a walk in the park or swum in one of the city’s Olympic-size pools. Now what?  My situation exactly this Sunday afternoon. [Read on …]

 March 14, 2013
Mar 212012
A Small Saigon Restaurant in the Alley

I’m not sure exactly why, but it seems that food always costs a bit more in Districts 5, & 11, the “Chinese” areas of Saigon. Of course, by western standards, its not expensive at all, but by Saigon standards, I’d say it is. But once in a while, I just feel like eating something different [Read on …]

 March 21, 2012
Mar 122012
City Buses (Xe Buýt) - Your Ticket to Saigon Tourism Adventure

The city buses in Saigon are secret treasures for visitors who want to get to know and feel (and maybe smell) Vietnam. Take a Bus to Your Next Saigon Eating Adventure That’s where the old people are. That’s where the students are. Look for these Bus-Stop Signs That’s where you can travel above (and a [Read on …]

 March 12, 2012