Bac Hai Neighborhood

Apr 032017
Saigon Street Food Mini Tour

One of this week’s highlights for Hai and I was taking a group of new friends on a mini street food tour here in Saigon. We did have some concerns about the tolerance levels of the relative newcomers to the Saigon street food scene. Was “dining” in a small dark alley ok? Just how much [Read on …]

 April 3, 2017
Mar 222013
Bún Mộc Bắc Hải

Our Return to Eating Saigon! We’re Back!! After an amazing 6 weeks traveling around the Golden State, introducing Hai to California during his first-ever trip to the USA, we just returned to Saigon this week. What better way to put living in Saigon back into perspective than to slide down the snowy slopes of Lake Tahoe, [Read on …]

 March 22, 2013
Nov 142012
Kem Xôi

Ice Cream & Rice If you’re a teen listen up!  If you’re a bit older, listen up anyway. First, who doesn’t like ice cream? Easy answer – no one! Secondly, who in Vietnam doesn’t like rice – again, no one! Finally, who doesn’t like sticky rice with ice cream?  Ah …. please repeat the question. [Read on …]

 November 14, 2012
Aug 062012
The Best Phở in Saigon

Phở Lệ 303 – 305 Võ Văn Tần District 3 Phỡ Thanh Bình 18B Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai District 3 Phơ Hữu 58 Cửu Long Bac Hai neighborhood P.15, District 10 ***** UPDATE (SEPT 2014): Click here for our latest Best Phở in Saigon listing.  Inevitably, anyone who eats, cooks, or travels in Vietnam, or writes [Read on …]

 August 6, 2012
Mar 122012
City Buses (Xe Buýt) - Your Ticket to Saigon Tourism Adventure

The city buses in Saigon are secret treasures for visitors who want to get to know and feel (and maybe smell) Vietnam. Take a Bus to Your Next Saigon Eating Adventure That’s where the old people are. That’s where the students are. Look for these Bus-Stop Signs That’s where you can travel above (and a [Read on …]

 March 12, 2012
Mar 072012
Enjoy Saigon morning Phở in the Bac Hai neighborhood

Phơ Hữu 58 Cửu Long Bac Hai neighborhood P.15, District 10 ***** I’m always mystified by folk who go to live in foreign “third-world/developing” countries for extended periods of time  – either for work or retirement or school – and proceed to surround themselves with expat friends, go to western restaurants, and gather at sports [Read on …]

 March 7, 2012