Binh Thanh District

Aug 102014
"THE" Saigon Market

Chợ Bà Chiểu Okay, so Hai has lived here in Saigon his entire life. He and his brothers and sisters cook in his local neighborhood restaurant – everyday. They know Saigon, inside and out. So, I had often wondered at which Saigon market do they find what they need to cook up their array of [Read on ...]

Jun 072014
Sister #3's Bún Riêu

It turns out that Hai is not the only amazing cook in his 11-sibling family. In fact, I often suggest in the late evening after our visits to the gym, “Let’s go visit chị ba (Sister #3)”. What I actually mean is,  Let’s go have some really yummy bún riêu.”   Hai never disagrees … off to Binh [Read on ...]

Jul 302013
Thuy Truc

There’s a bit of peaceful tropical paradise smack-dab in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City where one can easily escape the noise and congestion of the city. Complete with a bamboo forest (more or less), waterfalls (or was it a powerful water pump?), wooden monkey bridges (Disney-style), and a complex series of stone trails [Read on ...]

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Jul 162013
Coffee and Spiders

Spiders … Everywhere! But, relax.  The hanging, creepy things are just part of the decor here at Cafe Nhen.  A brightly colored webbed theme entirely entangles this small one-room cafe. Have a seat (on the floor), sip some good Vietnamese coffee, and possibly enjoy some good music. My friend, Toan, invited me to this small [Read on ...]

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Jun 162013
Chili & Chocolates

First, thank you, thank you Linh and Noel.  The Ghirardelli chocolates are wonderful!  In fact, I’m savoring one now as I think about the fun lunch we shared together today at Hai’s Dong Hoa Xuan restaurant. Getting to meet and enjoy time together with readers like you (and, of course, the chocolates themselves ) make [Read on ...]

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May 092013
Bò Kho in Saigon

This week was bò kho week here at Eating Saigon!     Yes, it was also the 38th anniversary of the Communist Party victory over South Vietnam.  Yes, it was time for May Day celebrations around the globe.  Yes, it was the week I was to learn much about visiting a local hospital here in [Read on ...]

Feb 102013
Faifoo Boutique Hotel

Faifoo Boutique Hotel This is very nice.  I’m sitting here enjoying one of the best cà phê sữa đá (iced coffee with milk) that I’ve had in a long time.  Soft “elevator” music (“Yesterday” by Paul McCartney) is wafting in the shaded breeze of the courtyard. As I look around, all I see are tropical plants [Read on ...]

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