xoi ga

Mar 132013
Afternoon Delight in District 2

Afternoon Delight in District 2 This past Sunday was NOT “just another Sunday” … One of my favorite Vietnamese lunches! A breezy afternoon coffee alongside the Saigon River. A surprise visit by chanting Buddhist monks (on a boat)! Now, the day started out ordinary enough.  Got up, made a cup of coffee, swept the balcony, misted the [Read on ...]

Nov 192012
Chicken Feet & Financial Towers

 Chicken Feet & Financial Towers There’s a place in Saigon where you can stand in the middle of the street, spread your arms wide and touch (well almost) Saigon’s tallest, U.S.A.-architect-designed skyscaper with one hand; and a traditional Hanoi street food eatery with the other.  (CAUTION: Best to stand in the middle of any Saigon [Read on ...]

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