Jun 072017
4 P's Pizza - Saigon's Best

4 P’s PIZZA 8 Thu Khoa Huan, District 1 (immediately behind Bến Thành Market) +84-8-3622-0500 (Reservation Only) ***************************************************** Once in a while, Hai and I decide to leave Saigon’s streets and enjoy dinner inside a “fully-enclosed” eatery. And we recently decided to do it in real style! Not only had we convinced ourselves that we deserved an [Read on …]

 June 7, 2017
Mar 112013
CUPCAKES in Saigon?

Pacey Cupcakes 53G Nguyen Du Street District 1 0838233233 www.paceycupcakes.com UPDATE – January, 2018: Sadly Pacey Cupcakes has disappeared from this location. 🙁   According to their website  ( https://www.paceycupcakes.com ), they’re still available at 14 Đặng Dung, Tân Định, Quận 1.  ***** I walked into this tiny shop and the young Vietnamese woman behind the cupcake [Read on …]

 March 11, 2013
Mar 092013
Japanese Adventure at Kuru Kuru Sushi

Desperately Seeking Sushi Of course, it goes without saying (that’s why I’m saying it), that the best food in Saigon is Vietnamese food.  So, if you’re a tourists or just a short-term visitor, my strong advice is to eat only Vietnamese food.  And better yet, make most of that Saigon street food. However, for those [Read on …]

 March 9, 2013
Dec 252012
No Saigon Street Food on CHRISTMAS EVE

No Saigon Street Food on CHRISTMAS EVE Well, it’s 92 F degrees (33 C) right now, late afternoon on Christmas Eve, 2012. I just climbed out of the Olympic-size swimming pool – enjoyed my 1000 meters of breast stroke laps.  And then strolled back to my apartment, through the park in my shorts and flip-flops. [Read on …]

 December 25, 2012
Sep 072012
Still seeking great Italian food in Saigon

Still seeking great Italian food in Saigon Not so long ago, I talked here about my occasional need to interrupt my Saigon street food eating compulsion with a good Italian dining adventure.  I described my typically great eating experiences at Pendolasco.  At the end of that blog, I rated Pendolasco as a Yum Yum on [Read on …]

 September 7, 2012
Jul 112012
A "western moment" (part 2) -  shopping for western food in Saigon

Well – imagine my surprise when I received an onslaught of mail from Eating Saigon!‘s readers telling me my recent blog about Annam Gourmet Market was incomplete!  Such passion in my readers – I love it! In response, I’ve spent today doing some research to assess the state of affairs on shopping for western food [Read on …]

 July 11, 2012
Jul 092012
 A "Western Moment" in Saigon (skipping Saigon Street Food for a day)

A “Western Moment” in Saigon … … skipping Saigon Street Food for a day Even the most committed (obsessed) Saigon “Street-Foodie” occasionally has a weak moment and longs for some western food treats – or at least a meal at a restaurant that has a comfortable chair with back support! Yesterday, I had that “western [Read on …]

 July 9, 2012