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Nov 112012
Chị Thông - the best Bún Thịt Nướng in Saigon - maybe anywhere!!

Yesterday, I went to Chị Thông and was horrified to see they were closed!!  Oh no! Often listed in Eating Saigon!’s “Top 3″ favorite Saigon street food listing, I was crushed!   See my earlier passionate eating adventure review for Chị Thông. But Wait! Who are those people waiving their arms frantically in the air? AHHHH – just [Read on ...]

Jun 102012
BBQ Goat Udder & Goat Meat Hotpot

Vú Dê Nướng & Lẩu Dê (BBQ Goat Udder & Goat Meat Hot Pot) This week I decided it was time to return to California Fitness & Yoga (Saigon’s “premier” health club , better know in the city as “California Wow!)) in order to begin to pay my dues for having stayed away from serious [Read on ...]

Jun 032012
Saigon Street Food Reunion

SAIGON STREET FOOD REUNION Last week I began with “the Pulleys”! Mmmnnn?” you wonder.  What’s Joe gotten into now?”  Some new kinetic physics experiment?  Hoisting a piano from the street up to his apartment’s fourth-floor balcony?  Or, God save us, some unmentionable new Asian erotic device? Well, NO.  It’s just the same old song – [Read on ...]

Feb 292012
Not Saigon Street Food, Saigon River Food!

Last night the Saigon sky offered a beautiful celestial trio – the moon, Venus, and Jupiter – all within reaching distance from one another.  In the city lights, all other heavenly objects were obscured and these three bright bodies had the entire sky to themselves.  A balmy breeze and celestial show! What a great way [Read on ...]

Nov 122011
Lẩu Dê - Goat Meat Hot Pot & BBQ

During the many years that we have lived in Vietnam, Hai and I have searched daily for the best Places to Eat in Saigon and have uncovered some of the best Street Food available in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). See Who Are Joe and Hai?   Early in 2012 we will launch “Eating Saigon” [Read on ...]

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Nov 122011
Enjoy Some Amazing Bún Thịt Nướng (BBQ Pork) at "Chị Thông"

Come Eat Here and See Why I love to Eat in Saigon! Over my left shoulder, I can see the latest in the world’s 2012 architectural design – the 68-story Bitexco Financial Tower in downtown Saigon. Over my right shoulder, a half-dozen young Vietnamese men are hand-washing Hai’s motorbike for 20,000 VND ($1 USD). Looking [Read on ...]