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Chicken meat

Mar 132013
Afternoon Delight in District 2

Cafe A & B Where Hem Só 20 (off Trần Não Street) meets the Saigon River District 2 Quán Thu Hiền 1B Trần Não Street District 2 ***** This past Sunday was NOT “just another Sunday” … One of my favorite Vietnamese lunches! A breezy afternoon coffee alongside the Saigon River. A surprise visit by chanting Buddhist monks (on [Read on …]

 March 13, 2013
Nov 192012
Chicken Feet & Financial Towers

Phở Hà 31 Hải Triều Street District 1 ***** There’s a place in Saigon where you can stand in the middle of the street, spread your arms wide and touch (well almost) Saigon’s tallest, U.S.A.-architect-designed skyscaper with one hand; and a traditional Hanoi street food eatery with the other.  (CAUTION: Best to stand in the [Read on …]

 November 19, 2012
Mar 212012
A Small Saigon Restaurant in the Alley

I’m not sure exactly why, but it seems that food always costs a bit more in Districts 5, & 11, the “Chinese” areas of Saigon. Of course, by western standards, its not expensive at all, but by Saigon standards, I’d say it is. But once in a while, I just feel like eating something different [Read on …]

 March 21, 2012
Feb 292012
Not Saigon Street Food, Saigon River Food!

Last night the Saigon sky offered a beautiful celestial trio – the moon, Venus, and Jupiter – all within reaching distance from one another.  In the city lights, all other heavenly objects were obscured and these three bright bodies had the entire sky to themselves.  A balmy breeze and celestial show! What a great way [Read on …]

 February 29, 2012