Feb 132012
Vegetarian, Thai ~ I wanted it to be excellent

CLOSED as of January 2015 Usually, I go to try go to sample some new street food or a new eatery with a completely open mind.  That’s my job – to be objective when sharing my experience about a Saigon restaurant or street food eating adventure. But, I must confess, last week I went to [Read on …]

 February 13, 2012
Jan 292012
Lac Thai ~ Not Vietnamese, But Sooooooo Delicious!

Once in awhile, Hai and I decide it’s time for a change and want to try some “foreign” food. So, we venture into Saigon’s tourist district where more upscale restaurants offer a variety of non-Vietnamese foods to suit the taste of international travelers and Vietnam’s emerging middle class. One of our favorite’s is Lac Thai [Read on …]

 January 29, 2012