Vietnam’s classic noodle soup

Apr 082017
Phú Gia - Hanoi-Style Phở

Phú Gia 146E Ly Chinh Thang P.7, District 3 ********************************** Here in Saigon (and all of Vietnam), locals and visitors alike spend endless days and countless meals searching for that perfect and amazing bowl of phở. As Eating Saigon! readers know, Hai and I have done the same …  consuming liters of beef broth, chewing [Read on …]

 April 8, 2017
Sep 192014
Saigon Street Food Ladies

Perhaps the most interesting and fun part of both visiting and living in Saigon is getting to know Saigon’s Street Food Ladies … and their amazing foods.  Many of these women have been at work everyday tending their street food treasures for 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years – perhaps sitting on that same [Read on …]

 September 19, 2014
Nov 022013
Saigon Phở Map

Click on each flag in our “Phở in Saigon” map below to get the name and address of each of our favorites Saigon phở eateries.  Then, read more about our visits there. Eating Saigon!’s  “PHỞ IN SAIGON” Map View Pho in Saigon in a larger map

 November 2, 2013
Oct 272013
Phở Thanh Cảnh

Phở Thanh Cảnh 55 Nguyễn Cư Trinh street District 1 (on corner with Cống Quỳnh street) ***** So what does one eat when he’s been living in Saigon continuously for nearly a year, and he wants to enjoy one last memorable meal with friends before heading back to the USA for several months? Maybe I [Read on …]

 October 27, 2013
Jun 192013
My New "Best Phở in Saigon" at Phở Phú-Vương

Phở Phú Vương 339 Lê Văn Sỹ (corner of Hem 337) Tân Bình District ***** The horizon has turned jet black.  The continuous rumble of thunder is growing louder.  The dragonflies are swarming at the edge of my 4th-floor balcony.  I’ve unplugged my laptop, just in case of a near lightning strike.  Clearly, in just [Read on …]

 June 19, 2013
Nov 192012
Chicken Feet & Financial Towers

Phở Hà 31 Hải Triều Street District 1 ***** There’s a place in Saigon where you can stand in the middle of the street, spread your arms wide and touch (well almost) Saigon’s tallest, U.S.A.-architect-designed skyscaper with one hand; and a traditional Hanoi street food eatery with the other.  (CAUTION: Best to stand in the [Read on …]

 November 19, 2012
Aug 212012
The Best Phở in Saigon (Part 3)

Phở Hương Bình 148 Võ Thị Sá District 3 ***** My exploration of the world of phở in Saigon may be never-ending. Recommendations and advice from Eating Saigon! readers continue to pour in and reveal new eating phởpportunities. (Sorry, thought that could work :-Đ) In any case, friends at one of my favorite District 10 [Read on …]

 August 21, 2012
Aug 082012
The Best Phở in Saigon (Part 2)

The Best Phở in Saigon (Part 2) hint: Maybe Not Here :-/ After my treatise earlier this week about searching for the best phở in Saigon, I received several recommendations from friends and readers for other Saigon phở venues.  Ối trời ơi – my work is never done!  🙂 Coincidently, one recommendation came in just as I [Read on …]

 August 8, 2012