Hu Tiu Nam Vang

Cambodia-style noodles

Jan 212014
Back in "chilly" Saigon

Who would believe it! It’s very cold here in Saigon. Well, at least it was a bit chilly last night.  And the blustery breeze made it feel uncomfortably cool. Hai and I arrived back in Saigon about midnight last night after spending a 23 semi-grueling  hours “on the road”: Drive from Berkeley to the San [Read on …]

 January 21, 2014
Mar 272012
Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang at Đạt Thành ~ Reliably Delicious

Hai and I have a nightly ritual concerning where we will eat dinner. Each evening after work and after our respective workouts at California Wow we hop on Hai’s motorbike and head down Le Lai Street off to dinner.  But where? Immediately, Hai will ask, “Where do you want to eat?” He’s driving, so a [Read on …]

 March 27, 2012
Mar 112012
The Lunch Lady ~ Serving up Saigon Street Food

The Lunch Lady Hoang Sa Street ̣ (across the street from 25 Hoang Sa) District 1 ***** Literally for years, I’ve been reading about The Lunch Lady whenever I would read backpacker online discussions about Saigon Street Food. For reasons I can’t really explain, even after living in Saigon for over 4 years,  I simply never [Read on …]

 March 11, 2012