A variety of Vietnamese salads

Dec 182012
Quán Bảy Đực - Saigon's Best BBQ Chicken

Quán Bảy Đực – Saigon’s Best BBQ Chicken After 6 years living in Vietnam and after almost a full year of writing about Saigon’s unique street food here at Eating Saigon!, I love that I can still be surprised by an unexpected eating adventure. Last night, when Hai suggested that I should meet him at [Read on ...]

Nov 192012
Chicken Feet & Financial Towers

 Chicken Feet & Financial Towers There’s a place in Saigon where you can stand in the middle of the street, spread your arms wide and touch (well almost) Saigon’s tallest, U.S.A.-architect-designed skyscaper with one hand; and a traditional Hanoi street food eatery with the other.  (CAUTION: Best to stand in the middle of any Saigon [Read on ...]

Jun 032012
Saigon Street Food Reunion

SAIGON STREET FOOD REUNION Last week I began with “the Pulleys”! Mmmnnn?” you wonder.  What’s Joe gotten into now?”  Some new kinetic physics experiment?  Hoisting a piano from the street up to his apartment’s fourth-floor balcony?  Or, God save us, some unmentionable new Asian erotic device? Well, NO.  It’s just the same old song – [Read on ...]

Feb 132012
Vegetarian, Thai ~ I wanted it to be excellent

Usually, I go to try go to sample some new street food or a new eatery with a completely open mind.  That’s my job – to be objective when sharing my experience about a Saigon restaurant or street food eating adventure. But, I must confess, last week I went to  Hương Thiền Thai with a [Read on ...]

Oct 272011
Gỏi Đu Đủ (Spicy Papaya Salad) - Saigon Street Food at the Park

I hate it when folk ask me ~ What do you do everyday now that you’re retired.  Immediately, I’m defensive! First of all, why do you need to know?  And why do I have to “do” something everyday?  And what if I don’t “do” so much one day?  I’m retired, you know.  I worked for [Read on ...]

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