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Dec 182012
Quán Bảy Đực - Saigon's Best BBQ Chicken

Quán Bảy Đực – Saigon’s Best BBQ Chicken After 6 years living in Vietnam and after almost a full year of writing about Saigon’s unique street food here at Eating Saigon!, I love that I can still be surprised by an unexpected eating adventure. Last night, when Hai suggested that I should meet him at [Read on ...]

Feb 292012
Not Saigon Street Food, Saigon River Food!

Last night the Saigon sky offered a beautiful celestial trio – the moon, Venus, and Jupiter – all within reaching distance from one another.  In the city lights, all other heavenly objects were obscured and these three bright bodies had the entire sky to themselves.  A balmy breeze and celestial show! What a great way [Read on ...]

Nov 122011
 Cơm Tâm 390, Delicious Broken Rice - STREET FOOD "In the Alley"

I recall well the night that Hai and I first discovered Cơm Tâm 390.  It would turn out to be a very lucky night in our ongoing search for great Saigon Street Food. Actually we has passed this small alley not far from our home many times as we sped down Cach Mang Thang 8 [Read on ...]

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