Vietnamese porridge

Aug 222017
Chiều Cháo Lòng

Chiều Cháo Lòng 26 Huỳnh Mẫn Đạt Bình Thạnh District 0934 324557 ******************************* One of my favorite memories from my years living in Hanoi (already 10 years ago now), is a small cháo lòng eatery just a few blocks from my apartment there. On a chilly Hanoi winter morning, there was nothing better for breakfast than [Read on …]

 August 22, 2017
Sep 192014
Saigon Street Food Ladies

Perhaps the most interesting and fun part of both visiting and living in Saigon is getting to know Saigon’s Street Food Ladies … and their amazing foods.  Many of these women have been at work everyday tending their street food treasures for 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years – perhaps sitting on that same [Read on …]

 September 19, 2014
Jul 182014
Our "Biggest Fan" - a guest post

Once in awhile Hai and I get a note from an Eating Saigon! follower that makes our blogging all worthwhile.  Michelle and her hubby from Singapore are true Saigon food adventurers, and apparently, our “biggest fan.”  We thought you might enjoy sharing Michelle’s recent note to us. Hi! My name is Michelle. I just got back [Read on …]

 July 18, 2014
May 142013
The Saigon Cháo Lady

The Saigon Cháo Lady 285/137 CMT8 District 10 ***** As everyone in Vietnam knows, when your tummy is a bit under the weather, or you have any kind of cold or flu symptoms, it’s time for some good CHÁO. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit out of sorts, so ….. cháo it was! Luckily, one [Read on …]

 May 14, 2013
Dec 182012
Quán Bảy Đực - Saigon's Best BBQ Chicken

Quán Bảy Đực – Saigon’s Best BBQ Chicken After 6 years living in Vietnam and after almost a full year of writing about Saigon’s unique street food here at Eating Saigon!, I love that I can still be surprised by an unexpected eating adventure. Last night, when Hai suggested that I should meet him at [Read on …]

 December 18, 2012
Feb 222012
Where to Eat in Saigon? At Cháo Hà Nội !

During the two years that I lived in Hanoi, I would get up early once each week to walk 1 kilometer to indulge my 2nd favorite breakfast treat – Cháo Lòng Gà (rice porridge with chicken “innards” (that would be liver, heart, kidney, etc). In the winter months, the weather was cool – sometimes bone-chilling misty [Read on …]

 February 22, 2012