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Mar 262016
Juliet's Garden Coffee

Juliet’s Garden 97/5 Le Quang Dinh Ward 14 Binh Thanh District ******************************** Things are changing quickly here’ in Saigon.  Leave the country for a short while to explore another part of the world … and when you return, streets may be turned into pedestrian walkways, subway stations may be partially constructed, several more high rises [Read on …]

 March 26, 2016
Feb 282016
Among the Best Saigon Cafes

Cakes and Ale Cafe 6B Cong Truong Quoc Te (Ho Con Rua – Turtle Lake) District 3 (08) 35210367 0906.840.500 ******************************* Eating Saigon! readers may not be aware that about 95% of Eating Saigon! posts are written in Saigon cafes (not a big surprise, I’m sure). So, Yours truly has become, if not an expert on [Read on …]

 February 28, 2016
Jun 082015
A Saigon Cafe ... in a place like no other!

Banksy Studio Cafe’ 1st Floor, Old Apartment Building 14 Tôn Thất Đạm District 1 0169 999 0003 ***** No place in Saigon could be further from the classic verdant rice paddy image of Vietnam than the Banksy Studio Cafe’. I mean, Was I in Sojo, New York City, 1970?  Was I in the Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, 1972? NO, [Read on …]

 June 8, 2015
Jan 232015
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 3

Perhaps my favorite thing to do in Vietnam, besides eating amazing street food and writing about it here on Eating Saigon!, is going on a long motorbike ride with Hai and friends through the Vietnamese countryside. There’s nothing that can compare to the thrill of riding mile after mile past stunningly beautiful rice paddies; or [Read on …]

 January 23, 2015
Jan 102015
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 2

What a wonderful way to begin our second day in Rạch Giá City … … at Bún Cá Hai Tầm. In the center of Rạch Giá City is a small, simple and pleasant public square.  Just a half block off that square we found our second bún cá meal of the trip. The bún cá broth was deliciously fresh and [Read on …]

 January 10, 2015
Nov 302014
Lado Cafe

Lado Cafe (“Place of Passion”) 97/5 Le Quang Dinh, Ward 14 Binh Thanh District 08 2977630 ***** This lovely Saigon cafe is one of my favorite places in Ho Chi Minh City to stay cool and relax with a cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee with milk) on a steamy afternoon.  Truly, there’s nothing extraordinary [Read on …]

 November 30, 2014
Jun 252014
Why Not? Coffee

Why not ..? Coffee 128C Nguyễn Đình Chính Phú Nhuân District APRIL 2017 UPDATE:  Sadly, we must report that the owner here has closed her cafe and relocated to Nha Trang.   ***** A few month back, Hai and I had a need to ship some items back to the San Francisco Bay Area.  With [Read on …]

 June 25, 2014
May 082014
Du Miên Garden Cafe

Dung Miên Garden Cafe’ 7 Phan Văn Trị Street Gò Vấp District ***** As a nearly lifelong resident of Berkeley, California, I love really strong coffee. Good ole Peet’s! As a lifelong resident of Berkeley, California, now living for many years in Saigon, I love really strong cà phê sữa đá.  Good ole Trung Nguyen [Read on …]

 May 8, 2014