Bun Moc

Noodle soup with various meats & veges

Jan 112015
Back in Saigon!

After several months enjoying California, Hai and I returned to Saigon last night! One hour after arriving, it was off to one of our favorite street food dinners at Cơm Tâm 390 for cơm tâm (broken rice ) with gà  ram (roasted chicken) & chả (Vietnamese pork & egg loaf :-Đ ).  Oh, I missed it [Read on …]

 January 11, 2015
Mar 222013
Bún Mộc Bắc Hải

Our Return to Eating Saigon! We’re Back!! After an amazing 6 weeks traveling around the Golden State, introducing Hai to California during his first-ever trip to the USA, we just returned to Saigon this week. What better way to put living in Saigon back into perspective than to slide down the snowy slopes of Lake Tahoe, [Read on …]

 March 22, 2013
Jun 032012
Saigon Street Food Reunion

SAIGON STREET FOOD REUNION Last week I began with “the Pulleys”! Mmmnnn?” you wonder.  What’s Joe gotten into now?”  Some new kinetic physics experiment?  Hoisting a piano from the street up to his apartment’s fourth-floor balcony?  Or, God save us, some unmentionable new Asian erotic device? Well, NO.  It’s just the same old song – [Read on …]

 June 3, 2012
Jan 302012
Bún Mộc Thanh Mai - It's Not Hanoi, But ...

When people ask me what is my favorite food in Vietnam, I always pause for a moment.  Not because I have any doubt about the answer. That is very clear to me. But because I am instantly transfixed back to a tiny shop in a narrow alley in the Ancient Quarter of Hanoi, with its [Read on …]

 January 30, 2012