Bun Ca

Jan 232015
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 3

Perhaps my favorite thing to do in Vietnam, besides eating amazing street food and writing about it here on Eating Saigon!, is going on a long motorbike ride with Hai and friends through the Vietnamese countryside. There’s nothing that can compare to the thrill of riding mile after mile past stunningly beautiful rice paddies; or [Read on …]

 January 23, 2015
Jan 102015
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 2

What a wonderful way to begin our second day in Rạch Giá City … … at Bún Cá Hai Tầm. In the center of Rạch Giá City is a small, simple and pleasant public square.  Just a half block off that square we found our second bún cá meal of the trip. The bún cá broth was deliciously fresh and [Read on …]

 January 10, 2015
Dec 272014
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 1

Some month ago, Hai and I were invited by our friends, Duc and Thao, to join them on a mini-voyage deep into the Mekong Delta to discover the wonders of Thao’s nhà quê (hometown), Rạch Giá, visit her family, and explore the city’s surrounds. I paused for a moment and then asked the obvious question, [Read on …]

 December 27, 2014
Jul 262012
Leaving Saigon for street food in Nha Trang

… plus fun in the mud What could be better than a surprise 4-day trip to Nha Trang? Last Wednesday evening at 10 p.m., Hai announced to me that he was closing his restaurant “tomorrow”!  We would be joining his family for a 4-day trip to Nha Trang.  The plan was for all interested family [Read on …]

 July 26, 2012