Banh Mi

Vietnamese Sandwiches

May 022015
Being a Saigon Bánh Mì?

“What makes a bánh mì a bánh mì?” Clearly this is one of the great questions of our time. Well, at least for those of us who eat, love, and write about street food in Saigon, and perhaps even for those who enjoy Vietnamese food anywhere around the world. Bánh mì in Vietnam, in its most [Read on …]

 May 2, 2015
Aug 232012
The most popular Saigon street food - Bánh mì

Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa 26 Le Thi Rieng Street District 1 ***** Where is the best Bánh Mì in Saigon? I think I know. Bánh mì is among the most popular and ubiquitous street foods in Saigon. Walk any street in Saigon and you’re likely to find at least one street food vendor smearing a small [Read on …]

 August 23, 2012