Banh Can

Apr 112013
Bánh Căn at Quán Đạt

Last night I dined in Saigon with President George W. Bush. Well, more precisely, I dined in a District 3 restaurant, beneath a photo of President Bush. And it’s difficult to tell from the photo whether he was actually President Bush at the time the photo was taken, or perhaps Texas Governor Bush, or even [Read on …]

 April 11, 2013
Oct 172012
Bánh Căn in Saigon

Bánh Căn in Saigon Some Eating Saigon! readers might recall that a few months ago, Hai and I joined his family for a very fun three-day excursion to Nha Trang, a very wonderful beach resort along the south-central coast of Vietnam.  You might also recall (and not be very surprised) that our adventure there included [Read on …]

 October 17, 2012
Jul 262012
Leaving Saigon for street food in Nha Trang

… plus fun in the mud What could be better than a surprise 4-day trip to Nha Trang? Last Wednesday evening at 10 p.m., Hai announced to me that he was closing his restaurant “tomorrow”!  We would be joining his family for a 4-day trip to Nha Trang.  The plan was for all interested family [Read on …]

 July 26, 2012