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Jul 182014
Our "Biggest Fan" - a guest post

Once in awhile Hai and I get a note from an Eating Saigon! follower that makes our blogging all worthwhile.  Michelle and her hubby from Singapore are true Saigon food adventurers, and apparently, our “biggest fan.”  We thought you might enjoy sharing Michelle’s recent note to us. Hi! My name is Michelle. I just got back [Read on ...]

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Jun 252014
Why Not? Coffee

A few month back, Hai and I had a need to ship some items back to the San Francisco Bay Area.  With all my years living in Saigon, and traveling occasionally back to California, I have somehow always managed to transport things in my checked luggage or by squeezing them into the overhead compartment. Not [Read on ...]

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Jun 072014
Sister #3's Bún Riêu

It turns out that Hai is not the only amazing cook in his 11-sibling family. In fact, I often suggest in the late evening after our visits to the gym, “Let’s go visit chị ba (Sister #3)”. What I actually mean is,  Let’s go have some really yummy bún riêu.”   Hai never disagrees … off to Binh [Read on ...]

May 082014
Du Miên Garden Cafe

As a nearly lifelong resident of Berkeley, California, I love really strong coffee. Good ole Peet’s! As a lifelong resident of Berkeley, California, now living for many years in Saigon, I love really strong cà phê sữa đá.  Good ole Trung Nguyen #8! As a lifelong resident of Berkeley, California, now living for many years [Read on ...]

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Apr 252014
Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ

Legend has it that this place serves the best bánh cuốn south of Hanoi …   and has for the past 50 years!!   WELL, SOME LEGENDS ARE REAL! So when I told Hai that I really felt like bánh cuốn for breakfast, he said he knew exactly where we should go. Off to Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ. [Read on ...]

Mar 132014
Bún Mắm

My good friend, Rick (also originally from the California Bay Area), lives in the Gò Vấp district of Saigon.  That’s an area of town that Hai and I don’t get to visit often enough. So, Rick, where’s your favorite place to eat in Gò Vấp?  A difficult question he explained (Rick avoids Saigon’s “tourist eateries” [Read on ...]