Sea Food Dishes

Apr 072015
An Bàng Beach Village Restaurant

An Bàng Beach Village Restaurant 6B An Bàng Cam An, Hội An ***** I love Saigon. But, sometimes it’s nice to spread your toes at the beach! And that’s just what we did when our good friend, Pat from San Diego, came to visit Hai and I in Saigon a few weeks ago. Some years back, [Read on …]

 April 7, 2015
Jan 232015
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 3

Perhaps my favorite thing to do in Vietnam, besides eating amazing street food and writing about it here on Eating Saigon!, is going on a long motorbike ride with Hai and friends through the Vietnamese countryside. There’s nothing that can compare to the thrill of riding mile after mile past stunningly beautiful rice paddies; or [Read on …]

 January 23, 2015
Jan 102015
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 2

What a wonderful way to begin our second day in Rạch Giá City … … at Bún Cá Hai Tầm. In the center of Rạch Giá City is a small, simple and pleasant public square.  Just a half block off that square we found our second bún cá meal of the trip. The bún cá broth was deliciously fresh and [Read on …]

 January 10, 2015
Dec 272014
Rạch Giá Bún Cá Trilogy - Part 1

Some month ago, Hai and I were invited by our friends, Duc and Thao, to join them on a mini-voyage deep into the Mekong Delta to discover the wonders of Thao’s nhà quê (hometown), Rạch Giá, visit her family, and explore the city’s surrounds. I paused for a moment and then asked the obvious question, [Read on …]

 December 27, 2014
Mar 132014
Bún Mắm

Bún Mắm Cô Ba 55/9 Phan Huy Ích Street – P.14 Gò Vấp District ***** My good friend, Rick (also originally from the California Bay Area), lives in the Gò Vấp district of Saigon.  That’s an area of town that Hai and I don’t get to visit often enough. So, Rick, where’s your favorite place [Read on …]

 March 13, 2014
Jun 162013
Chili & Chocolates

First, thank you, thank you Linh and Noel.  The Ghirardelli chocolates are wonderful!  In fact, I’m savoring one now as I think about the fun lunch we shared together today at Hai’s Dong Hoa Xuan restaurant. Getting to meet and enjoy time together with readers like you (and, of course, the chocolates themselves 🙂 ) [Read on …]

 June 16, 2013
May 182013
Soft Shell Crab in Saigon

A reader recently wrote me to ask where she could enjoy some great soft shell crab in Saigon during her upcoming visit here?  Great question!  Mmnnn … Let’s see, I recall Hai made perhaps the world’s best soft shell crab in tamarind sauce for me for my last birthday.  But, of course, that was a [Read on …]

 May 18, 2013
Mar 092013
Japanese Adventure at Kuru Kuru Sushi

Desperately Seeking Sushi Of course, it goes without saying (that’s why I’m saying it), that the best food in Saigon is Vietnamese food.  So, if you’re a tourists or just a short-term visitor, my strong advice is to eat only Vietnamese food.  And better yet, make most of that Saigon street food. However, for those [Read on …]

 March 9, 2013