Aug 232012
The most popular Saigon street food - Bánh mì

Where is the best Bánh Mì in Saigon? I think I know. Bánh mì is among the most popular and ubiquitous street foods in Saigon. Walk any street in Saigon and you’re likely to find at least one street food vendor smearing a small baguette with pâté, dropping in some cold cuts and pickled vegetables, [Read on ...]

Jul 182012
A wonderful morning in the Bắc Hải neighborhood  ... and enjoying Rau Câu Dừa

My friend John is a well-seasoned traveler.  He spends at least 6 months each year traveling, scouting, and documenting cultural developments occurring throughout a dozen Asian countries. Sunday morning I invited him to come to District 10 to get a glimpse of a “real” Saigon neighborhood – away from the tour shops, the classic visitor [Read on ...]

Jul 092012
 A "Western Moment" in Saigon (skipping Saigon Street Food for a day)

A “Western Moment” in Saigon … … skipping Saigon Street Food for a day Even the most committed (obsessed) Saigon “Street-Foodie” occasionally has a weak moment and longs for some western food treats – or at least a meal at a restaurant that has a comfortable chair with back support! Yesterday, I had that “western [Read on ...]