Pork Dishes

May 242015
Guest Post - "Still the best food we've come across"

Once in awhile Hai and I get feedback from an Eating Saigon! follower that makes our blogging all worthwhile. In this case, John from Wellington, New Zealand, shared his thoughts about Hai’s restaurant in a Tripadvisor review on April 23, 2015. We thought you might enjoy reading John’s review here – we certainly loved it! [Read on …]

 May 24, 2015
Feb 072015

Tet is coming. It’s time for Chả! Of course, in Vietnam, it’s always time for chả. Chả in your bánh mì, chả in your bún mọc, chả in your bánh cuốn, chả in your bánh dầy or chả with just about anything else if there’s room on your plate – breakfast, lunch or dinner. BUT, at Tet, it’s [Read on …]

 February 7, 2015
Jan 112015
Back in Saigon!

After several months enjoying California, Hai and I returned to Saigon last night! One hour after arriving, it was off to one of our favorite street food dinners at Cơm Tâm 390 for cơm tâm (broken rice ) with gà  ram (roasted chicken) & chả (Vietnamese pork & egg loaf :-Đ ).  Oh, I missed it [Read on …]

 January 11, 2015
Apr 252014
Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ

Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ 127 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street District 1 # 38200584 ************************ Legend has it that this place serves the best bánh cuốn south of Hanoi …   and has for the past 50 years!!   WELL, SOME LEGENDS ARE REAL! So when I told Hai that I really felt like bánh cuốn for breakfast, [Read on …]

 April 25, 2014
May 282013
Quán Mì Cật

It’s a rare night when Hai and I ride past the amazing foods on Saigon’s small streets and alleys in Binh Thanh or District 10 and ride into Saigon’s District 1 tourist center in order to enjoy some “real” Vietnamese food.  What? Sounds counter-intuitive I know.  But … There is one place whose food is [Read on …]

 May 28, 2013
May 142013
The Saigon Cháo Lady

The Saigon Cháo Lady 285/137 CMT8 District 10 ***** As everyone in Vietnam knows, when your tummy is a bit under the weather, or you have any kind of cold or flu symptoms, it’s time for some good CHÁO. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit out of sorts, so ….. cháo it was! Luckily, one [Read on …]

 May 14, 2013
Mar 102013
A One-of-a-Kind Saigon Street Food Experience

The Red Plastic Stool 12C Nguyen Phi Khanh District 1 ***** Announcing the latest “front-runner” in my never-ending search for a truly unique Saigon street food eating adventure! Begin the drum roll please. Hai actually introduced me to this unique eating experience more than a year ago.  And, just a few weeks after that, a [Read on …]

 March 10, 2013
Nov 112012
The best Bún Thịt Nướng in Saigon - maybe anywhere!!

Chị Tuyên (formerly named Chị Thông) 195 Cô Giang
 Street District 1 ***** Yesterday, I went to Chị Thông and was horrified to see they were closed!!  Oh no! Often listed in Eating Saigon!’s “Top 3” favorite Saigon street food listing, I was crushed!  🙁  See my earlier passionate eating adventure review for Chị Thông. But Wait! Who are [Read on …]

 November 11, 2012