Hot Pot

Sep 052014
Lẩu (Hot Pot)

Cô Khàn Đêm 57-59 Hàm Nghi Street District 1 ***** Some weeks back, when our friend, Hai (not my Hai, but Hai’s friend, Hai) (that’s clear, right?) invited us to enjoy some lẩu (Vietnamese hot pot), of course we said dĩ nhiên (of course). Hai (the other one) is also a connoisseur of excellent, authentic, [Read on …]

 September 5, 2014
Jun 232012
Eating with Saigon's Transgender

Eating with Saigon’s Transgender On Monday night, Hai and I headed off for dinner to a small neighborhood eatery alongside one of Saigon’s main “canals”. Now, to be clear, that would NOT be “canals” in the sense of Venice, Italy, fed by open seawater. But, much more like the “canals” of Bangkok, fed by the [Read on …]

 June 23, 2012
Jun 102012
BBQ Goat Udder & Goat Meat Hotpot

Vú Dê Nướng & Lẩu Dê (BBQ Goat Udder & Goat Meat Hot Pot) This week I decided it was time to return to California Fitness & Yoga (Saigon’s “premier” health club , better know in the city as “California Wow!)) in order to begin to pay my dues for having stayed away from serious [Read on …]

 June 10, 2012