Foods of Hue

Jul 042013
Bún Bò Huế Đông Ba

As Hai and I spend a couple of months visiting good friends and family in California and other areas of the USA, Saigon’s excellent street food is never far from our minds.  In fact, not a single day goes by without the plea from Hai: I want Phở So, I thought I’d share a few [Read on …]

 July 4, 2013
Sep 242012
Hội An Street Food Tour (Part 2)

Hội An Street Food Tour (Part 2) There’s not a lot to do in Hội An. Well, at least not after having visited Hội An several times in the past and already having enjoyed the local tour to Cham ruins and explored a trip to a nearby tragic-war-event-turned-tourist-attraction.  But, what there is always plenty of to [Read on …]

 September 24, 2012
Sep 122012
Where to eat Huế food in Saigon

Where to eat Huế food in Saigon I must admit that I have a conflict of interest. My job as a food explorer calls for me to search out new, yet unknown, Saigon street food eateries to discover, enjoy their foods (or not), assess their tastes and qualities, and share my findings with Eating Saigon! [Read on …]

 September 12, 2012