Oct 152017
Maison Marou - Best Chocolate in Saigon, or Anywhere?

Maison Marou 167-169 Calmette Street District 1 +84-873005010 09:00 am – 22:00 pm ************************************************************************ Fifteen years ago, when I first began traveling back and forth between Vietnam and California, there were two predictable requests by my Vietnamese friends about what items I must buy in the USA and bring back for them upon my return [Read on …]

Sep 152017
Chè Chuối Nướng Út Lúa

Chè Chuối Nướng Út Lúa 115 Phan Đăng Lưu Street, P.7 Phú Nhuận District DT: 0915 762 076 DT: 0121 547 3763 Facebook:Chuối Nếp Nướng Nam Bộ *************************************************** If you’re in Saigon, and can’t quite make it to the Mekong River Delta countryside, don’t despair. There’s still a way to find yourself inside a Mekong [Read on …]

 September 15, 2017
May 182017
The Saigon Iced Tofu Lady

Tàu Hủ Đá 254 Lê Thánh Tôn Street District 1 ************************************************ Saigon Street Food is currently under threat! In recent months, Saigon city officials have launched a “clear the streets of street food” campaign as part of a new “reclaim the sidewalks for sidewalk walkers” policy. Enforcement seems particularly aggressive this time. Motorbike sidewalk parking [Read on …]

 May 18, 2017
Apr 032017
Saigon Street Food Mini Tour

One of this week’s highlights for Hai and I was taking a group of new friends on a mini street food tour here in Saigon. We did have some concerns about the tolerance levels of the relative newcomers to the Saigon street food scene. Was “dining” in a small dark alley ok? Just how much [Read on …]

 April 3, 2017
Feb 282016
Among the Best Saigon Cafes

Cakes and Ale Cafe 6B Cong Truong Quoc Te (Ho Con Rua – Turtle Lake) District 3 (08) 35210367 0906.840.500 ******************************* Eating Saigon! readers may not be aware that about 95% of Eating Saigon! posts are written in Saigon cafes (not a big surprise, I’m sure). So, Yours truly has become, if not an expert on [Read on …]

 February 28, 2016
Jun 252014
Why Not? Coffee

Why not ..? Coffee 128C Nguyễn Đình Chính Phú Nhuân District APRIL 2017 UPDATE:  Sadly, we must report that the owner here has closed her cafe and relocated to Nha Trang.   ***** A few month back, Hai and I had a need to ship some items back to the San Francisco Bay Area.  With [Read on …]

 June 25, 2014
Mar 202013
Durian Pancakes

Bánh Sầu Riêng Durio Le Thi Rieng Park Cach Mang Thang Tam District 10 The other night, my landlady’s daughter, Ngoc, and her boyfriend, Vinh, called to invite Hai and I to join them for a late evening treat. What a nice surprise! Yes, sounds fun. Meet you downstairs in 20 minutes. The other night, [Read on …]

 March 20, 2013
Mar 162013
Chè Chuối - Banana Dessert

Chè Chuối 241 Vo Van Tan Street District 3 ***** Trust us when we rate Saigon’s “Chè Chuối – Banana Dessert” as  YUM YUM YUM … and so close to tourist-center in District 1. Located on the street in front of Thien Ban Pagoda at: Chè Chuối 241 Vo Van Tan Street District 3 OPEN [Read on …]

 March 16, 2013