Beef Dishes

Apr 082017
Phú Gia - Hanoi-Style Phở

Phú Gia 146E Ly Chinh Thang P.7, District 3 ********************************** Here in Saigon (and all of Vietnam), locals and visitors alike spend endless days and countless meals searching for that perfect and amazing bowl of phở. As Eating Saigon! readers know, Hai and I have done the same …  consuming liters of beef broth, chewing [Read on …]

 April 8, 2017
Dec 102013
Quán Cây Khế - Hamburgers in Saigon?

Looking for a great hamburger in Saigon?  Wanting to enjoy some authentic local Vietnamese food in Saigon? Now you can have your cake and eat it too!  More exactly, you can have your chả đùm and eat it too – at Quán Cây Khế restaurant in Phú Nhuận District. Let me explain. Some may recall [Read on …]

 December 10, 2013
Oct 272013
Phở Thanh Cảnh

Phở Thanh Cảnh 55 Nguyễn Cư Trinh street District 1 (on corner with Cống Quỳnh street) ***** So what does one eat when he’s been living in Saigon continuously for nearly a year, and he wants to enjoy one last memorable meal with friends before heading back to the USA for several months? Maybe I [Read on …]

 October 27, 2013
May 092013
Bò Kho in Saigon

This week was bò kho week here at Eating Saigon!     Yes, it was also the 38th anniversary of the Communist Party victory over South Vietnam.  Yes, it was time for May Day celebrations around the globe.  Yes, it was the week I was to learn much about visiting a local hospital here in [Read on …]

 May 9, 2013
Feb 292012
Not Saigon Street Food, Saigon River Food!

Last night the Saigon sky offered a beautiful celestial trio – the moon, Venus, and Jupiter – all within reaching distance from one another.  In the city lights, all other heavenly objects were obscured and these three bright bodies had the entire sky to themselves.  A balmy breeze and celestial show! What a great way [Read on …]

 February 29, 2012