Best Phở in Saigon


Hai and I have searched the streets and small alleys of town for the best bowls of phở in Saigon … and we share them here. Truly, there’s so much great phở in Saigon. Time to explore!


Just maybe the #1 phở in Saigon


Phở Phú Vương


Here in Saigon’s Tân Bình District, North Vietnam meets South to create our favorite phở in Saigon. And then there’s that special dipping sauce! (…details + address & map)







Hai with our favorite Saigon Phở Lady


Phở Thanh Bình


Hai’s been eating and loving the phở here since he was in high school. A frequent late night stop for us in Saigon’s District 3! (…details + address & map)






Phở Hương Bình

You MUST try the Phở Gà here (chicken phở) – YUM!


Phở Hương Bình


Making the best phở gà (chicken phở) in Saigon for over 50 years on District 3’s Võ Thị Sáu street. (…details + address & map)





Pho Le

Pricier, but more beef than the others!




Phở Lệ


Mountains of beef, mountains of veges and herbs. Great, great phở. Don’t miss this one in Saigon’s District 3! (…details + address & map)





Phở Thanh Cảnh

The freshest phở ingredients here


Phở Thanh Cảnh


Excellent Saigon phở just walking distance from Saigon’s backpacker streets. (…details + address & map)





Pho Ha

Joe hard at work “Eating Saigon!” at Phở Hà



Phở Hà


Enjoy delicious & authentic Hanoi-style phở gà (chicken phở) here in Saigon’ District 1, across the street from Vietnam’s tallest skyscraper. (…details + address & map)








Pho Huu

Locals preparing great phở for their Bắc Hải neighbors



Phở Hữu


Enjoy very good phở (beef or chicken) and discover the wonderful Bắc Hải neighborhood. (…details + address & map)




Pho Map

“Phở in Saigon” Map




Eating Saigon!
Phở Map


Click on each flag in our “Phở in Saigon” map to find the name and address of each of our favorites Saigon phở eateries. Then, read more about our visits to each.





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