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Just about a year ago now, Hai and I enjoyed a very nice meal at  Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu.  Take a peek at our Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu blog at that time.  Yummy bánh khọt and great bánh xeo!

Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu

Bánh Khọt – yummy enough, but not like they were last year  🙁

We’ve been back several times since then and always enjoyed a good meal there – but not since they’ve moved to their new location across and down the street.  It was time to give it a try!

Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu

Brick columns, dark wood tables, and a warm tropical breeze

A major upgrade on the decor!  Some quite lovely seating options.  It was a warm, breezy night.  So the outdoor tables surrounded by tropical plants and semi-tasteful brick columns were very welcoming, even if a tad touristy (once in a while, tourist comforts can be nice 🙂 . )

banh khot

New location, new decor

However, it quickly became apparent that the quality of the cuisine had been sacrificed to the more “trendy” potted plants and rustic tables – boo, hiss!

The xúp cua (crab soup) – simply ordinary.  The bánh khọt – simply lacking.  The bánh xeo – actually okay, and very large!

Banh xeo

Bánh xeo – large, crispy and yummy – but the dipping sauce has declined and the wonderful bitter green rolling leaves, cải đắng have disappeared (only by special request)

The prices – okay:

banh khot

Overall, a loss of what had been one of our happiest eating spots.  A disappointment.

Sadly, we now drop Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu to just a single Yum on Eating Saigon!’s Yum Meter.

[map at original post, linked above]
Bánh Khọt Co Ba Vũng Tàu
102 Cao Thang
P.3, District 3
+84 8 3832 3312

The good news – while less touristy, less comfortable, and basically lacking decor, we can still enjoy our longtime #1 favorite bánh khọt in Saigon at Bánh Khọt Vung Tau Khanh (check it out here).



 June 8, 2013

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