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When I arrived in Vietnam for the first time twelve years ago, there was no visible sign to the outsider of gay life in Vietnam.

Where is Gay Saigon? 

Vietnamese gay men and lesbian women completely hid themselves within their families, their required marriages, and in pursuit of their work to support a basic survival level of living for themselves and their extended families.

Certainly by western standards, gay life in Vietnam overall still remains discreet, closeted, subdued, and below the radar.

But, a whole lot has changed in the past decade!  And the pace of change among gays themselves in Saigon is sky-rocketing!

Gay Saigon kiss in

Gay Kiss-In (soon in Vietnam?)

More and more, in pursuit of discovering and recording Eating Saigon!,  “Gay Saigon!” is revealing itself.  We are encountering an increasingly free, confident and proud gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community here in Saigon.

Gay Saigon gia dinh

Vietnam families

Gay Places

As Eating Saigon! discovers, uncovers, and enjoys Gay Saigon, we will share our experiences here at Gay Places.

Saigon Lady Boys

Serving up good seafood hotpot at a local neighbor eatery

Gay Saigon marriage hearts

Gay Saigon marriage

Gay Saigon marriage

Gay News

As Eating Saigon! learns more about the social, political, legal, and cultural issues surrounding the LGBT life within Vietnam, we will post our findings here at “Vietnam – Did You Know? – Gay Culture

 Gay Vietnam

And for more information on Gay Vietnam and the LGBT scene, please visit Utopia Asia – Vietnam.



 July 24, 2012

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