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Kanha always welcomes us to Cambodia

I miss my friends Alex and Kanha in Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA!

Hai and I have visited them in Phnom Penh many times over the years – for the Cambodian Water Festival,

phnom penh tuk tuk driver

The Phnom Penh Water Festival

the Khmer New Year, on the way to see Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, or just to enjoy a long weekend together with friends.

Kanha’s an amazing cook and Alex is an amazing guide around the city in Phnom Penh and out into the surrounding Cambodian countryside .

Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk

Alex, Kanha & Joe in Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

We’re due for another visit soon with Alex and Kanha to enjoy the quickly-developing city of Phnom Penh, the “freedom” there (far greater than Vietnam considering social life, elections, etc), and most of all, some excellent cooking and eating!

Phnom Penh tuk tuk

Phnom Penh dinner at Alex & Kanha’s house

Phnom Penh is just a $12 use bus ride from Saigon!  That usually includes a moist towelette, a bottle of water and a bánh mí (small french roll). And perhaps there will be another $25 Cambodia visa fee at the border, if you’re not an ASEAN country citizen.  It will be about a six-hour ride, depending on the weather, the bus driver, and the mood of the immigration folk on both sides of the Vietnam/Cambodia border-crossing.  (ONE TIP: Invest some time calculating where the sun will be during most of those 6 hours, considering your travel direction, the season and time of day.  Then choose a bus seat on the shady side.  That way you can enjoy the Vietnam and Cambodia countryside views without frying yourself!)

Of course, depending upon your travel plans and finances, there are options to travel to Phnom Penh by bus/boat  combos or by airplane.

phnom penh tuk tuk driver

Independence Monument

In any case, Phnom Penh and Cambodia, more generally, are great “next stops” from Saigon. Someday in the future, when I write my Eating Cambodia! blog, I’ll have a lot more travel advice to offer.

In the meantime, I CAN offer one great travel tip!

Let someone who knows Phnom Penh inside and out, pick you up at the bus station or airport, deliver you to your hotel (or help you scout out and choose a good place to stay), shuttle you among tourists spots and great food experiences inside and outside the city, take you to a nightspot or two for a drink – a dance – a massage, and wish you good night later back at your hotel lobby. Phnom Penh made easy and fun!

If you do hook up with Alex, let him know Joe said hello and plans to visit him and Kanha soon


Come ride with me in my Tuk – Tuk !!

new tuk tuk

Enjoy a day in Phnom Penh with Alex & his Tuk Tuk

I can help design and deliver an unforgettable Phnom Penh Cambodian adventure to match your time, your interests, and your budget.

~ I’ll help arrange your ~

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Boat Tickets
  • Airplane Tickets
  • Bus Tickets
  • Transportation to/from Saigon
  • Meet you at the bus station or airport
  • Visas

Contact Alex

 April 3, 2012

  to “Going to Phnom Penh, Cambodia? Choose a great tuk tuk driver !”

  1. hi i want to go to phon penh and have a tuktukdriver or a driver to go to severel musea,killing field etc

    can you help me

    • hi Diaan ~ Absolutely, I can recommend Alex as about the best tuk tuk driver you could want. Very friendly, and knowledgable – and speaks English well.
      Alex has shown me a very wonderful time in Phnom Penh every time I visit. (And his wife Kanha is geat too!)Contact him with any questions or to get things set up.
      ALEX AT: vangsopheak20000@yahoo.com
      or by phone internationally at +855 12 501 905
      or in CAMBODIA at 012-501-905
      happy travels, Joe

  2. how do I post a recommendation on this site ?

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