Mar 212012

Hot chili pepper stuffed with chả cá (ground fish)

I’m not sure exactly why, but it seems that food always costs a bit more in Districts 5, & 11, the “Chinese” areas of Saigon. Of course, by western standards, its not expensive at all, but by Saigon standards, I’d say it is.

But once in a while, I just feel like eating something different as a lunch or dinner treat to myself.

This past weekend, before heading to our favorite little place for a face massage, Hai and I decided to give ourselves an additional treat at Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký, a Chinese Vietnamese restaurant well-hidden down a narrow alley in District 11.

We always order the same dishes and are never disappointed that we did.

Happy diners at Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký

First, is the steamed chicken.  A full-half chicken, succulent, tender, buttery (perhaps high in cholesterol), but …  just plain delicious. The two dipping sauces, salt/lemon and soy/chili compliment the chicken meat nicely.


Buttery chicken at Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký

Dipping sauces for the steamed chicken

There’s plenty of meat for both Hai and I, so we usually just add another vegetable and/or tofu dish.

On our last visit, I wanted my #1 favorite dish at Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký.  Hot chili peppers and tofu, both stuffed with differing mixtures of thịt heo xay (ground pork) and cha cá (ground fish).

Stuffed peppers & stuffed tofu

The chili’s have a major “kick”; the tofu is creamy; and the pork/fish stuffings are broiled-delicious!

Our total bill, 220,000 VND ($11 USD).  Now off to a face massage.  Again, life is good.

Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký is open for lunch from 11 am- 2:30 pm; and for dinner from 5pm – 9 pm;

and always scores high as a YUM YUM YUM on our Yum Meter here at Eating Saigon !

A bit challenging to locate, Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký is down a small alley just off Lý Thường Kiệt street, across from the large Coop Mart at the corner of Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký & Dao Duy Tustreets.

Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký is down a small alley just off Lý Thường Kiệt street

Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký

Tiệm Cơm Truyền Ký
39/20 Lý Thường Kiệt
P.7, District 11
# 0908623623

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