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Once in awhile, Hai and I decide it’s time for a change and want to try some “foreign” food. So, we venture into Saigon’s tourist district where more upscale restaurants offer a variety of non-Vietnamese foods to suit the taste of international travelers and Vietnam’s emerging middle class.

Thai Clams - Spicy, Sweet and Sour

One of our favorite’s is Lac Thai – hidden deeply down in a small alley in the center of the tourist district.  Set in a traditional Hanoi-style house, the classic Thai food here is mouth-watering and a few true gems are on the menu!


The Curried Soft-Shell Crab is “Over-the-Top”

Curried Soft-Shell Crab

During the many years that we have lived in Vietnam, Hai and I have searched daily for the best Places to Eat in Saigon and have uncovered some of the best Street Food and hidden restaurants available in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

See Who Are Joe and Hai?

Early in 2012 we will launch “Eating Saigon” and post our daily blogs as we re-visit and describe some of our favorite Vietnam dishes, restaurants, eateries, and street food vendors ~ And we’ll be continuing our daily eating adventures to discover new places to eat and share with you!

In the meantime, if you find yourself in Vietnam before our website is fully launched and wondering Where to Eat in Saigon, please trust us when we rate Saigon’s “LAC THAI” as:


71/2 Mac Thi Buoi St.
District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
(84-8) 8237 506

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 January 29, 2012

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