Jan 152012

After a long search and some steep (and delicious)  competition, Hai and I have agreed that Phở Thanh Bình is among our favorite spots for Phở Bò in Saigon.  (Hai’s been loving the phở here since he was in high school!)

Serving up among the best Phở Bò in Saigon

Not quite “on the street”, but funky and close enough to qualify on our best of Street Food list.  Only 30,000 VND for a generous large bowl, or 35,000 VND for their phở đặc biệt (extra special!),  you can savor the beef noodle soup with lots of very tender and delicious beef –  i (rare, cooked in the broth as it’s served) or nầm (well-cooked brisket), or both.

Cooking phở here for decades!

If you’re wondering Where to Eat in Saigon, please trust us when we rate Saigon’s Phỡ Thanh Bình as among the best you’ll ever try.

Phở Thanh Bình
18B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
District 3

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